The Problem

Over the years, we have noticed that whenever we need to get recommendations for a hotel, or just want to find reviews for a particular one, we basically scour the Internet to find those reviews and recommendations.

The problem which arise is of course the authenticity of the reviews, and we know for a fact that many so called “User Reviews” on various travel sites has been paid for.

We have also noticed that some of the travel publications are being paid to give satisfying reviews – which one should should you trust?

The Solution

Hotellable aims to give you authentic hotel reviews and recommendations of various luxury hotels all around the world.

Whenever you feel the need to scour the Internet for trusted hotel recommendations and reviews, don’t worry – Hotellable has already done the job for you!

For each and every one of our featured hotels, we have scoured the Internet for authentic reviews – bringing them to you, all in one place.

Our scoring system is based on a well developed algorithm, which relies on a variety of factors – social signals, media coverage and user popularity, to name a few.



We gather hotel reviews and recommendations from 20+ leading travel publications.


Luxury Hotels

Our website features more than 2000 beautiful luxury hotels arround the world.



Hotellable offers hotel reviews for more than 20 destinations around the world.


Reviews has aggregated more than 5,000 hotel reviews.

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